Janitorial Cleaning Safety Requirements Compliance


At Facilko Services, we partner with our clients to maximize the benefit of our mutual safety efforts. With dedicated teams specializing in safety, worker’s compensation, liability claims and insurance management, our Risk Management professionals work hand-in-hand with your team to promote the safest possible environment at your campus.

  • Customer safety requirements compliance
    – Facilko Services can readily adopt and implement safety procedures currently in place at your organization.
  • Regular worksite safety inspections
    – These inspections identify potential hazards and evaluate compliance requirements.
  • Comprehensive safety training
    – All Facilko Services employees receive general safety training in addition to specialized safety training as warranted by their assigned duties. Likewise, we train our staff to consider the health and safety of the people around them, such as building occupants and visitors.

By aligning environmental issues with key business goals, our cleaning chemical program offers a full line of eco-friendly (green) chemicals. We consider environmental impact, workers safety, and product performance when selecting cleaning products.

  • Improved Productivity
    – It’s a proven fact that facilities operate more efficiently when health and safety considerations are part of the equation. Lost productivity costs business $60 billion* a year.
  • Cost Savings
    – Businesses spend $170 billion* annually con costs associated with occupational injuries and illness. However, facilities focused on safety and health can enjoy diminished liability claims along with related cost savings.
  • Consistency and Reliability
    – Safe environments not only minimize injury and illness; they foster healthier lives for the people involved with your organization day in and day out.

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